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A Closer Look

A student wonders why he needs to pass
a history test when the history isn’t his


-- Mac Rosales as told to Brandon Bridges


“I don’t like school that much. It’s loud, someone is always talking. Teachers, students, there’s never any time to think. I’m always writing something down, memorizing something or reading. There’s no time for me to understand what I’m learning, except when I get home. And there, there’s always chores to do, dinner to make, watching my younger brother and sister. It’s no wonder I can’t find time to memorize anything.


“And I don’t even really care that much about what they want us to learn. It’s what the white man wants us to learn. We’re just machines who do what he tells us to do. There’s nothing I’ve really learned that makes much sense to me. Math, I guess. But history, it’s not my history. English- the books, it’s not about anything I’ve ever done or seen. So I don’t feel like it’s that important. So why spend so much time trying to learn it and pass a test on it?


“Ms. Garcia tries to show us how we can go places and do things that we haven’t done before. We went to the Getty Museum last year and went to a poetry reading at a bookstore. It’s not that far away from here, but it’s like a different world.


Most of the other teachers don’t really try to show us new things like Ms. Garcia. It doesn’t really seem like they care about us. None of us special ed kids are the teachers favorites so they don’t really bother with us. Maybe they think we’re stupid and can’t get it. But to me, it’s not that I can’t get it, it’s just that there’s more out there that’s important than school stuff. Ms. Garcia has shown us some of what is out there.