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Sandals and the perfect photo

     Inside the white-walled studio on La Cienega, with model Heidi Klum getting ready in the next room, George Kotsiopoulos is in a state of panic.

      "They sent the wrong shoes!" Kotsiopoulos said. "I need shoes."

      The knee-high black velvet boots with a 4-inch diamond encrusted heel rest neatly in a Fed Ex box. But Kotsiopoulos had ordered sandals. 

      "Where are our shoes?" Kotsiopoulos asked Taylor, C’s assistant fashion editor and go-to girl for crisis situations.

      Although the rain of a Los Angeles winter hummed rhythmically outside the studio, Kotsiopoulos only has summer in mind. He is in the middle of styling the cover shoot for C's June/July issue with supermodel and television personality Heidi Klum. His vision does not include textured boots.

      Within minutes, Taylor is on her black razor phone. Rolling her eyes, she mouths something to Kotsiopoulos.

      "They're going to London," she said.

      "What?" Kotsiopoulos said.

      "The shoes," Taylor said. "They sent our shoes to London, and sent that order to us."

      Kotsiopoulos takes the phone and pleads his case, but to no avail. The summer sandals were crossing the Atlantic, and the velvet boots never made it out of the box.  It was just another day for Kotsiopoulos.



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