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Story:Reclaiming the Past

      After six years on the air, the show is gaining attention from all kinds of places.

      Journalists, television producers, scriptwriters – they all want a piece of him.  “Lately I don’t know what it is I’ve been talking to people like crazy.”

            Saavedra says he’s gotten multiple offers to turn the Jesus Christ show into a television show. He’s even had Jesus Christ Show movie offers, although he says he can’t talk about the specifics.

      He hasn’t said yes to anything, yet, but admits it’s probably only a matter of time. His ground rules would be the same for any television program. No showing his face. Only his hands and eyes can be filmed.

Keep in mind, the Jesus show is only a side gig for Saavedra. Monday through Friday he’s the station's marketing director.

      Saavedra’s got bigger plans for the radio show, too. When asked if the show was syndicated he says no, “not yet.”

      Keep in mind, the Jesus show is only a side gig for Saavedra. Monday through Friday he’s the marketing director for KFI, a job he took on shortly after leaving the “Tim and Neil show.”

      He’s in the middle of “billboard season”  and he’s swamped thinking of new billboards to paint Los Angeles with.  Saavedra is a workaholic. Between his day job and  the “Jesus  Christ Show”, he’s also the  host of “Breakfast Lunch and Dinner –a Country Music Television show filmed in Detroit.

      It doesn’t leave  much time for a personal life. He’s in a new relationship with a woman that he’s optimistic about. He admits the irony that his own partner doesn’t believe in the man he pretends to be three hours a week, but he believes she’ll come around on her own time. Plus, he enjoys a good debate.

       Romantically, he’s happier than he’s ever but said he doesn’t know if he’ll ever marry again. He works too much to devote time to a marriage.  On Saturdays he’s in bed before the sun goes down.

      “I can get a little pissy. I’m a single guy and going to bed at 6pm,” he says. But  he needs his work - especially the “Jesus Christ Show.”   The Sunday show keeps him on his toes, keeps his faith sharp.

       “At the end of the day,” he says, “I’m seeing the truth like everybody else.”





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