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Reclaiming the Past
By Sarah Price Brown

Maria Altmann of Los Angeles and her lawyer battled the Austrian and U.S. governments for years over ownership of paintings by artist Gustav Klimt.
Slideshow: Archival photographs and reproductions of the Klimt paintings.

Murder or Self-Defense?
By Eric Berkowitz
A 2002 California law, the only one of its kind, allows women to challenge murder convictions if they were battered by the men they killed. Five women have been released from California prisons to date by the state law that reflects new sensibilities about abused women.
A Closer Look: Battered women form support group behind bars

Online Gambling: Late Nights, High Stakes

Online gambling in the a multi-billion dollar business. The stakes are high for companies operating web-based betting, and they’re even higher for Americans: mounting debt, family tensions, even thoughts of suicide haunt addicted gamblers.
A Closer Look: A Personal Foray in Online Gambling

A Passion for Fashion

Diamonds, designers, egos, pathos, and patience. A Los Angeles fashion stylist tells what it really means to work in the industry made more prominent by the rise of niche magazines.
Audio: Q&A with stylist George K.

Jesus Will Return... After These Messages

by Cortney Fielding
Jesus was a carpenter. Now , apparently, he works for Clear Channel. The son of God stays inside a Burbank office complex, where he plays host to his own call-in radio show.

Audio: Listen to a clip of The Jesus Christ Show

Pacific Rim Rising

The dancers of the Maui Girlz Polynesian Dance Troupe slowly sway their hips in sync to the tune. The dancers’ hands expertly maneuver the fire pots they are holding—hollowed out coconut halves containing candles that burn brightly.
Video: The Maui Girlz on TV

Heir to the Throne

John David Booty, USC’s vaunted backup quarterback, finally has a chance to start for the Trojans. But he faces a new era: no more winning streak, no more talk about the best team of all time, and life without the likes of Matt Leinart.
Audio: John David Booty talks about the upcoming season

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Sarah Price Brown
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William Celis

message from editor

To our readers,
    Welcome to the inaugural edition of Watt Way, an online magazine produced by students in the advanced magazine writing class at the USC Annenberg School for Communication. In this space, you will read stories that reflect the richness of Los Angeles and beyond. From local stories with global ramifications, to changes in a California law that help abused women in prison, to articles about business, science, culture and sports, these pieces will inform, surprise and entertain in the finest tradition of longform journalism.
     Magazines have long held a special place in the American media landscape. A century ago, McClure’s magazine took American readers by storm with its incisive investigative reporting on big business, municipal corruption and the environment. National Geographic helped pioneer the use of photographs in magazines, bringing the world to American living rooms. Colliers and Puck entertained and informed with social criticism about the era’s burning issues that will sound familiar: immigration, religion and education, to name but a few examples.
     In Watt Way, we have attempted to offer the same depth and breadth, with a decidedly 21st century twist that offers us new and multiple ways to tell stories.  Through slideshows, video and audio, we can now take you to the places we have written about and to meet and hear the people we have visited for our stories.
    This issue also will also feature more student work in the coming days from the science journalism course, one of the Journalism School’s new specialized reporting classes taught by visiting professor, K.C. Cole, an author and award-winning journalist who worked for many years at the Los Angeles Times.
    We hope future issues of Watt Way will showcase the stellar work that USC  Annenberg students produce. In the meantime, read – and celebrate – the accomplishments of our students featured in this first issue. Thanks for reading.
     William Celis
     Assistant Professor of Journalism


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